Weekend Links

  • Self-censorship in book purchasing is something we all need to think about as often as possible.  Thanks to David Levithan for his moving reminder of why.  (Hat tip to Persnickety Snark)
  • Over at YPulse they’ve summarized an interesting report on the possibilities of using mobile devices for classroom learning.
  • The Gray Lady on the Wimpy Kid Phenomenon.  Did everybody love the new book?  I haven’t read it yet – it was snatched out of my hand by an eager patron.
  • Once again, Shannon Hale has a really well thought out post up on literacy and reading.  I think I’m going to start printing these out and handing them to parents who insist on pulling their kids out of the Graphic Novels section. Along with a copy of Rapunzel’s Revenge.
  • Ever wonder what goes in to making a book?  The Digital Marketing Team at MacMillan have an informative (and tongue-firmly-in-cheek) video for you! (Hat tip to Big Bad Book Blog)
  • Jennifer Lynn Barnes has calculated the number of hours that have been spent on Twilight.  And that’s her low-ball estimate.  Unbelievable.
  • Did you all see that Paramount is making a movie based on Jake Wizner’s hysterical Spanking Shakespeare?  I’m intrigued.  (Hat tip Fuse #8)
  • Is it wrong that I’ve added every single book from this roundup to my to-read list?
  • Katsa’s stubborn ability to remain true to herself in the face of society and even love is one of the many reasons that Graceling is a great book. Some people believe that Katsa’s choices make Graceling anti-marriage. Kristin Cashore talks about those assumptions on her blog.
  • And finally, to all those people who told little-kid-Laura that I read too many books and should go make some real friends: Ha! Reading was teaching me social skills and increasing my empathy all along!  I feel so vindicated.

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