Wednesday Links

  • The 2009 Rainbow List of Outstanding Literature with significant GLBTQ content is out!  I seriously love the Rainbow List.
  • Great discussion on John Green’s blog about quantifying what teens are reading (and liking).  He suggests using Goodreads as a metric.  I agree that it can add to what we know, but as many people point out in the comments, there are some serious flaws with extrapolating from what you find on a site like Goodreads.
  • Open Wide, Look Inside links to some useful resources from the Department of Education publications site.  Great for sharing with parents and teachers in your community.
  • February’s edition of School Library Journal has a fantastic article on self-censorship as practiced by librarians, authors, and publishers.  This is a must-read.  Justine Larbalestier’s thoughtful reaction to the article is here.
  • I can’t get enough heartwarming stories of kids who decide to help their communities by starting book donation drives.  Love it.  (Hat tip to The Reading Tub)
  • Last week I mentioned President Obama’s surprise visit to read a book at a local school.  Now SLJ reports that the President has excellent taste in children’s books.
  • EBay as an author’s best friend?  Sue Macy says so over at I.N.K.
  • Want to know what NOT to write in your novel?  Coe Booth has been reading manuscripts by the ton, and she has some suggestions.
  • Maggie Steifvater shares some great thoughts about characters in fantasy novels and the need for them to move past disbelief in a hurry.
  • At Wild Rose Reader they’ve compiled a very thorough list of reviews, resources, and booklists for Black History Month.
  • Librarilly Blonde shares a wonderful story about paying attention to what is important to a book instead of getting bogged down in the details.

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