Happy Birthday, Charles!

Now THIS is a man who knows how to grow a beard.200 years ago today, Charles Darwin was born.  And whether you’re excited about his theory of evolution or just his really wicked facial hair, Charles is worth celebrating.

  • Want to follow the evolution of the theory of Evolution?  Charles’ Darwin’s complete works are available for free online.  From the notebooks he wrote while on board the Beagle, to the letters where he struggled with his new theory, to the final published version of The Origin of Species, it’s all right there.  Scans of his original manuscripts and other primary source materials about Darwin are also included.  This is an amazing resource!
  • Send your own birthday wishes to Charles right here.
  • Chasing Ray has a roundup of books that will appeal to the teenage Darwin enthusiast.
  • Find an event celebrating Darwin’s bicentennial at Darwin200.
  • So you’re really just here for the luscious facial hair?  Well you’re in luck.  Hair from his beard is on display at the National History Museum in London.  No, seriously.

I had hoped that I would have reviews of Charles and Emma and The True Adventures of Charley Darwin ready for you all.  Since I haven’t actually read the books yet, that’s going to have to wait.  They’re sitting on my TBR shelf, so be on the lookout.

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