Saturday Links

  • Operation Teen Book Drop 2009 is coming up fast!  This is a great opportunity to do some outreach in your community.  Read all about this wonderful program at Readergirlz.
  • I always love to hear about programs designed to bring more male reading role models into the lives of children.  This sounds like a great one – hat tip to Confessions of a Bibliovore. And Jen Robinson’s book blog points to another one here that specifically encourages fathers to read with their kids.  Love it!
  • Anne Ursu’s Cronus Chronicles series is super-fun – and a great suggestion for your Percy Jackson fans.  Now the first book in the series is a play!  This really makes me wish I was up in Minnesota.  (Hat tip to Kurtis Scaletta – whose new book is high on my to-read list!)
  • I’m always really curious about the decision-making processes that other librarians use when doing collection development.  Jennifer at Jean Little Library has some thoughts up about why she purchases certain materials over others.  It’s fun to hear what’s popular in other libraries, too!
  • Jennifer Brown, one of 2009’s YA Debutantes, has started a fun new feature at her blog.  She’ll be posting “lunches” with the main characters from some upcoming YA books.  The first two are up already, and they’re a riot.
  • Oz and Ends has a couple of great posts this week about graphic novels in libraries – the tough question of how libraries shelve them and how publisher choices make shelving tough.  I’ve recently started the process of trying to shelve our graphic novels by series instead of by author/call number, so this was a timely set of articles for me.  Maybe they’ll inspire me to actually get going on this project.
  • A book of lesson plans about social change that are based on hip-hop fiction?  Awesome!
  • Pinot and Prose notes an upcoming movie based on Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.  This has serious potential for some very cool special effects.  And seriously, check out this cast list.  Mr. T?  Color me intrigued!
  • At Wild Rose Reader, a great round-up of booklists, resources, and suggested books for Women’s History Month.
  • The Book Aunt wrote my very favorite post of the last week – a thoughtful and joyful celebration of anarchy and imagination in children’s books.  This one is a must-read.
  • A great new event in the Kidlitblogosphere – Share a Story – Shape a Future.  Starting on the 9th, a group of bloggers will be sharing practical suggestions for encouraging reading.  This looks like one to keep an eye on.
  • At I.N.K., a great post to share with parents about nurturing young authors in the home.
  • I love this list of the best creepy houses in children’s literature at The Spectacle Blog.  Anybody got more to add to the list?
  • Just more proof that Philip Pullman is smarter than the rest of us: he’s quite the art critic!  I listened to this talk just out of curiosity about Pullman giving a talk on fine art, but I was drawn in pretty quickly.

3 thoughts on “Saturday Links

  1. I always get a big goofy grin on my face when I see those programs. I need to get our local firefighters to come out for a storytime again sometime soon!

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