February ’09 Reading Log


Middle Grade

Graphic Novels


Adult Fiction

Adult Non-fiction

Didn’t Finish

Currently Reading

My Reading Goals

I’m hoping that putting my monthly reading goals up in a public place will help me stick with them.  And it doesn’t hurt that I met them all this month – makes it much less embarrassing to put them in the same post as my reading log, anyway.  As you can see by my list above, I tend to read a ton of YA fiction.  To diversify what I’m reading, my goal is to read at least one book each month that meets each of the following categories.  It’s fine if the same book counts for two categories.  Let me know if you think there’s something I should add!

  • Middle Grade
  • Graphic Novel
  • Non-fiction
  • Adult fiction or non-fiction
  • Fiction featuring a main character of color
  • Fiction or non-fiction about Japan (This goal is just until my trip in August)

4 thoughts on “February ’09 Reading Log

  1. Hi Laura,

    This is my first time stopping by. I really enjoy your format.

    I thought I would recommend to you a teen book called Hannah’s Winter by Kierin Meehan for your fiction/non-fiction reading about Japan. If you haven’t heard of it, here’s a summary, if you have, you might want to skip the rest of this paragraph. 🙂 Hannah’s agriculturist mother is researching gardens across Japan and insists on taking Hannah despite the fact that Hannah’s father and brother are staying behind in Australia. While Hannah’s mom is traveling, Hannah will stay with an old friend of her mother’s. Hannah would have loved to have stayed behind but she quickly makes friends with her host family’s daughter and soon is being haunted by a ghost of a boy from ancient Japan. Full of history and folklore, it is definitely appealing to anyone interested in Japan.


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