Friday Links

  • This article about how hand gestures can help kids learn math skills is totally fascinating.  It really does show how important attention to detail is in teaching and learning.  You think hand gestures would help me remember my bus pass in the morning?
  • Rick Riordan announced the first few casting decisions for the Percy Jackson movie.  I’m very excited about this – it just seems like one of those series that will translate beautifully onto the screen.  Percy looks suitably heroic, I think, and Grover is just adorable.
  • And speaking of musicals based on children’s books, tickets for musical of Coraline will go on sale later this month.  Neil Gaiman and Stephin Merritt!  Yes!  (Mr. Gaiman twittering about the two of them hanging out this week set my little fangirl heart all a-flutter.)
  • I’ve been enjoying R.L. LaFever’s recent blog posts on writing, and her newest one on using setting to create a habitat for your characters is no exception.
  • This is smart, smart, smart.  Proof that some publishers do get it.
  • A very sobering report about the rise in suicide rate among black teens.  Especially noteworthy is the fact that many of these teens have shown no signs of psychiatric disorders.  As the article points out, it’s hard to tell from that whether suicide is rising among black teens with no psychiatric disorders, or whether we are missing warning signs of disorders among black teens.  In either case, it’s something to pay close attention to.  (Hat tip YPulse)