Tuesday Links

  • Love this post at Editorial Anonymous on that scourge of good children’s literature, the Parent Ex Machina.  Sing it, sister!
  • Has anyone tried to draw The Pigeon from Mo Willems’ radio description?  It’s a fun little game.  I’d post my attempt, but I am woefully awful with a pencil in my hand.  I can guarantee you that no one wants to see my sad, mangled Pigeon.
  • Really interesting article at the always thought-provoking In the Library, With the Lead Pipe.  Today’s topic: how to approach faculty members about improving their library assignments.  It’s so true that a poorly designed library assignment, even if it has the best of intentions, can end up very frustrating for both the student and the librarian.  They even offer some ready-made scripts for approaching teachers.  Great post.
  • From now on every time I pick up a new book one thought is going to be floating around in the back of my mind: was this secretly written by Scott Westerfeld?  As someone who is completely fascinated with ghostwriting and its inner workings, I absolutely loved this article.  (Hat tip to A Chair, A Fireplace, and a Tea Cozy)
  • I know you’ve all seen the trailer for Where the Wild Things Are By Now.  Holy cow.  I couldn’t possibly be more excited about this movie.  They’re going to be doing midnight showings, right?
  • Bookninja is sponsoring a contest to re-masculate literature.  I totally want to read The Handyman’s Tale and Charlotte’s Web of Death.  Among others. (Hat tip to Fuse #8)
  • For all my fellow twitterers, Mitali Perkins has put together a list of YA authors who twitter.  And I wonder where my time has gone.
  • Thanks so much to the awesome Karin Librarian, who gave Biblaugraphy a Splash Award!  Awww, shucks.  You can’t tell, but I’m blushing right now.
  • Finally, you may have noticed that I’m not posting a ton these days.  I’ve been temporarily transferred to a different library branch for the opening of their new building.  The Grand Opening is this Saturday, and it’s been keeping my busy busy busy.  I’m still reading, so hopefully I’ll be able to share lots of new reviews once things settle down a little.  I miss you all!