Thursday Night Links

  • Study shows that high-achieving African-American children watch a similar amount of t.v. as other African-American children.  However, they engage in more active reasoning with the media they consume.  Of course it’s difficult to tell whether it’s the reasoning leading to the achievement or the other way around, but still a really interesting study. (Hat tip to SLJ)
  • R.L. LaFevers has another good blog post on the process of writing.  This one looks at structures, and gets into how some famous picture books are great examples of good story structure.
  • I hope everybody’s read Jack Gantos’ wonderful piece in the latest Horn Book.  Just in case you missed it, take a look: Book and Bar Man.
  • I’m delighted to hear that Carrie Ryan’s awesome debut zombie novel, The Forest of Hands and Teeth, is on it’s way to becoming a movie.  That’s got potential.
  • SLJ had a great article on board games as a learning tool.  I participated in a really fun training on exactly this a few months ago, and I was blown away by the educational possibilities in some of the new board games that are out there.  I think this is an underutilized resource – what kid doesn’t enjoy board games?  I’ve been pushing my afternoon homework helpers to break out these types of games when the kids are finished with their homework – it’s great for building relationships, and turns out it can teach something too!
  • Rick Riordan shares some experiences from on the set of the upcoming Percy Jackson movie.
  • A new blog that’s been popping up everywhere: Worst Review Ever.  That’s some serious schadenfreude right there.  I love it.
  • Good discussion going on at ACRLog about explaining authorities to students.  It’s not easy to do well, and it makes such a difference when students have a firm grasp on what authorities are and why they’re important.  Anyone have great ideas to add?
  • I haven’t had a chance to read all the way through this one yet, but Urban Library Journal has an article on providing library services to homeless children that includes information about some really interesting existing programs.  The article points out that families with children are one of the fastest growing segments of the homeless populations.  Always great to hear about innovative work on important subjects like this one.
  • Have I mentioned yet how excited I am to see Coraline the Musical on Saturday night?  Well I am.  Really really really.  Also, Neil Gaiman tweeted his reaction to the dress rehearsal earlier tonight: it’s got the official Gaiman seal of approval!
  • Eric Carle wants you to change up the ways you’re looking at the world around you.  And you should ALWAYS listen to Eric Carle.
  • Ever come across a book on your library shelves that just made you cringe?  Well, these enterprising folks are collecting those awful books.  And they’re hysterical. (Hat tip to 100 Scope Notes)
  • Off to BEA in the morning – hope I’ll meet many of you there!

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