Thursday Links

I really enjoy Barry Lyga’s “Writing Advice” posts, and the recent ones on writing good dialogue were useful AND funny.  These are a great resource for teen writers.

Glimpses into a writer’s process are always completely fascinating to me.  R.L. LaFevers shares pictures of her many different outlining and note-taking styles here.  She uses three different sizes of graph paper!

The Book Aunt has another wonderful post on getting reluctant readers hooked on books.  Her insights are always worth a look.

Adrienne Kress on YA lit, the difference between YA and Middle Grade, and what you can write about in a YA book.  Her answer: anything!  Good answer.

I love love love Chasing Ray’s What a Girl Wants series, and I especially love her post on Representing All the Girls. All of the contributing writers share some really insightful thoughts.  Take a look, too, at Lisa Chellman’s response, where she talks about writing from perspectives other than our own. 

When Cheryl has tips for improving your writing, it’s almost always worth a listen.  This post on strengthening the emotional impact of your story is no exception.

How do writers get the parents out of the way so that kids can take charge?  How might that impact child readers?  The Spectacle takes a look.

One more reason to shop at independent book stores – in hilarious video form!

Today’s awesome thing: Somebody sent Kenneth Oppel’s Airborn into orbit.  And there’s a picture to prove it!

A list of beers names after books and authors.  Pub crawl, anyone?  (Hat tip to Bookshelves of Doom)

A great post on how we can make our OPACs not suck.  Because let’s be honest – they do.

Loved this article on a series of graphic novel writing and drawing workshops.  Nice to see this kind of great library programming getting some press.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Links

  1. Laura –
    Thanks for saying hi! Always glad to meet another LK. I lived in Berlin for a few years myself – I hope I’ll be able to make another visit to Germany sometime soon.

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