Links – The Yes I Am Blogging on a Friday Night Edition

  • Kristin Cashore shares a few conversations with her Korean translator.  I love getting glimpses into the process of things like this.
  • The National Education Association and the Cooperative Children’s Book Center have published a list of 50 multicultural books that every child should read, split into several age levels.  A lot of wonderful things on here – and I look forward to discovering some that are new to me. (Hat tip to Neesha Meminger, who points out that this list is in no way complete and suggest some important additions.)
  • If Michael Bay took on a beloved children’s classic
  • Shannon Hale has shared some really wonderful thoughts about book reviews, and particularly the practice of rating books.  She ends her post with some great questions that every book blogger should put some thought into.
  • I think we can all agree that watching a really long dominoes formation go tumbling down is one of life’s true pleasures.  How ’bout when it’s made entirely out of children’s books?  Three cheers to HarperCollins Children’s UK.  (Hat tip to 100 Scope Notes)
  • The YALSA blog highlights a return on investment breakdown as a way of highlighting the value libraries provide in the community.  This could be a wonderful advocacy tool.
  • LeVar Burton won’t be encouraging children to read anymore.  Thank god.
  • There’s been a some good discussion recently on white authors writing characters of color.  I think it started over at Justine Larbalestier’s blog, and as usual she has a great no-nonsense take.   After reading Justine’s post, take a look at this thoughtful response from Neesha Meminger.
  • The kidlit blogs have been buzzing in response to the FTC’s new endorsement guidelines, and Edrants explores some of the issues that the guidelines bring up with Richard Cleland of the FTC in this post.  This is an important post for anyone who accepts ARCs for review, or uses a program like Amazon Affiliates.  (Hat tip to A Chair, a Fireplace, and a Tea CozyChasing Ray has also had consistently good questions and frustrations about the FTC policy.
  • I have loved Awful Library Books from their inception, but this is the winner.  I am finding that book.  Then I’m going to memorize it and be as cool as that guy.  But maybe not as awesome.
  • A brilliant idea for library orientations.  I am stealing this big time.

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