My 2009 Reading Year in Review

2009 was the first year in which I kept a complete reading log, and I’ve been looking forward to taking a closer look at my reading habits.  In other words: fun with graphs!  Most of this is probably only interesting to me, but if you scroll on down to the bottom you can see a quick list of my fifteen favorite books read in 2009.  One other note: I did not keep track of picture books and easy readers, so none of those will be included in this little breakdown.

Books read in 2009: 221

Of those 221, 13 were re-reads.

I started an additional 6 books that I chose not to finish.  For some reason I thought this number was going to be much higher.

120 were from the library.  51 were review copies.  24 were purchased.  23 were mooched.  3 were gifts.

Of those 221 books, 195 were fiction.  (Ouch!  My reading goal for 2010 is definitely to add a little bit more nonfiction into that mix.)

More than 50% of the books I read in 2009 were Young Adult fiction.  Here’s the full breakdown:

My most prolific reading month was June, with 21 books read.  Least books read was a three-way tie between May, August, and November with 16 books read in each of those months.

While I started out the year reading almost entirely YA fiction, I’m glad to see that by the end of the year I had diversified my reading a little bit, adding more middle grade fiction and graphic novels – a habit I plan to continue into 2010!  The adult books are pretty steady, as I expected – I try to read one or two adult books every month.

Taking a closer look at fiction, since that was the majority of my reading, I can see that the genre I read most was contemporary realistic fiction, with fantasy close on its heels.  (Lots of these books, of course, fit in more than one category – I chose a primary category for each book.)

And finally as promised, here are my 15 favorite reads from 2009.  These are not necessarily published in 2009 – I’m just going on when I read them.  I did not include any re-reads in this list, and it is not in any particular order.