My 2009 Reading Year in Review

2009 was the first year in which I kept a complete reading log, and I’ve been looking forward to taking a closer look at my reading habits.  In other words: fun with graphs!  Most of this is probably only interesting to me, but if you scroll on down to the bottom you can see a quick list of my fifteen favorite books read in 2009.  One other note: I did not keep track of picture books and easy readers, so none of those will be included in this little breakdown.

Books read in 2009: 221

Of those 221, 13 were re-reads.

I started an additional 6 books that I chose not to finish.  For some reason I thought this number was going to be much higher.

120 were from the library.  51 were review copies.  24 were purchased.  23 were mooched.  3 were gifts.

Of those 221 books, 195 were fiction.  (Ouch!  My reading goal for 2010 is definitely to add a little bit more nonfiction into that mix.)

More than 50% of the books I read in 2009 were Young Adult fiction.  Here’s the full breakdown:

My most prolific reading month was June, with 21 books read.  Least books read was a three-way tie between May, August, and November with 16 books read in each of those months.

While I started out the year reading almost entirely YA fiction, I’m glad to see that by the end of the year I had diversified my reading a little bit, adding more middle grade fiction and graphic novels – a habit I plan to continue into 2010!  The adult books are pretty steady, as I expected – I try to read one or two adult books every month.

Taking a closer look at fiction, since that was the majority of my reading, I can see that the genre I read most was contemporary realistic fiction, with fantasy close on its heels.  (Lots of these books, of course, fit in more than one category – I chose a primary category for each book.)

And finally as promised, here are my 15 favorite reads from 2009.  These are not necessarily published in 2009 – I’m just going on when I read them.  I did not include any re-reads in this list, and it is not in any particular order.

5 thoughts on “My 2009 Reading Year in Review

  1. Wow, you’re good! I tried keep track of what I read, and was actually pretty good until June, then I completely fell off the wagon and have no idea what I read anymore. *covets all the stats and graphs* Did you use a spreadsheet to keep track of everything or Goodreads/LibraryThing/etc.?

  2. Oh, Laura, I heart this… are you planning to try to change the statistics for next year? Are there any genres/categories you’re going to try to read more or less of, besides more MG and graphic novels?

  3. Trisha – I just used goodreads to keep track of everything, along with the monthly reading logs I put up here. I’ve really liked having a full list that I can look back on – it’s incredible how quickly I can forget (some) books.

    Wendy – I don’t think I want to make any specific goals for how much I’m going to read, but I definitely want to read WAY more nonfiction this year. And of course I’ll be continuing on my goal of reading books by authors of color and featuring characters of color. (I actually tried to do a breakdown of authors I read in 2009 by nationality and ethnicity, but I gave up. It was kind of depressing in it’s white-person-from-the-US-ness, and also just taking a tremendous amount of time to do.) I’d also like to try to read some horror – that’s a genre where I get a fair number of reader’s advisory questions, and I’ve read almost nothing. Any suggestions?

  4. What a cool way to look at your reading habits. This could be fun/interesting thing to do with kids in the classroom. Looking at reading while teaching math.

  5. Bill – I love that idea! What a fun collaboration that could be between a math class and an English or library teacher. And goodreads can be a really easy way to share reviews between class-members, too.

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