End of March Links

  • Have you played book review cliche bingo yet?  I’m a little bit afraid to try this on my own reviews – I have a bad habit of calling books “compelling.”
  • Who wants to roadtrip to SXYA?  That’s right, Forever YA has put together a (sadly, imaginary) festival of their favorite bands from YA novels.  I’d have to add a couple bands to this list – I’ve got to see Rage/Tectonic from Fat Kid Rules the World, and speaking of bands from K.L. Going books, how about Aunt Pete’s awesome glam rock band from King of the Screwups?  And we need a little queercore – The Jerk Offs from Nick and Norah’s Ultimate Playlist!  Of course no list of YA bands is complete without the band-with-an-ever-changing-name from King Dork.  Who else would you add to the lineup?
  • Peachtree Publishers shares an in-depth look at how many changes can go into a book’s cover design.  I love the final result, and it’s even better after reading a behind-the-scenes look at how they got there.
  • An oh-so-heartwarming story from the New York Times about a father and daughter who read out loud together every night for 3,218 nights, all the way up until she started college.  Just goes to show – reading aloud can be valuable at any age.  (Hat tip to Mitali Perkins)
  • Things I already knew about Oliver Jeffers: he writes wonderful picture books.  Things I learned about Oliver Jeffers from this fantastic interview: 1. Oliver Jeffers is writing a new book about the boy and the penguin (hooray!) 2. Oliver Jeffers has a truly excellent mustache 3. I would very much like to buy Oliver Jeffers a beer.  I get the feeling that he wants one.
  • A look at the length of novels and what factors contributed to novels coming in somewhere around a standard size, and how that might be changing. (Hat tip to Andrew Sullivan)
  • This dad has had enough of five picture book plots.  I’m going to go a little bit less generic with my choice of least favorite picture book plot cliche – polar bears who teach us an important lesson about global warming.  If I have to read another picture book about global warming, can’t I at least learn my important lesson about global warming from an arctic fox or something?   What’s your least favorite overused picture book plot? (Hat tip to Mitali Perkins)
  • A couple of interviews with the awesome Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich have turned up recently, and they’re both well worth a read.  Here’s one at Edith Cohen’s blog, and the other is a two-parter at Neesha Meminger’s blog that starts right here.
  • Hooray for the Enoch Pratt Free Library in Baltimore, which is starting a new partnership to bring affordable, healthy food into urban neighborhoods that don’t have access to local supermarkets.  This is such a wonderful example of a library addressing a true community need in an innovative way.  Three cheers!  (Hat tip to PC Sweeney)
  • A very cool video and accompanying article looking at how the advent of eye-tracking software in e-readers could change the ways in which we interact with texts.  I can imagine this capability being used in some really innovative ways.
  • Take a look at how 10 different libraries are using iphone apps to connect with their patrons.  I was interested to see the wide range of services that are offered.
  • Finally, Mitali Perkins shares a heartfelt plea from an eighth-grader about the importance of school librarians.  It’s so important to share these stories.

6 thoughts on “End of March Links

  1. the organizers of SXYA are most appreciative of yr musical recommendations! we’re always on the lookout for the hottest up and coming fictional bands to add to our line-up, as long as they don’t mind getting paid with fictional free beer.

  2. Thanks for the lovely list of links-no matter how much time I spend reading blogs, there always seems to be more good stuff still to be read!

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