April 2010 Reading Log


Middle Grade

Kids and YA Nonfiction

Graphic Novels

Adult Fiction

Currently Reading

(Side note: I am a reading machine!  23 books: my best month ever!  And in a month where I had houseguests three weekends in a row!  I am feeling a) very accomplished and b) like I should probably get out more.)

2 thoughts on “April 2010 Reading Log

  1. Without a doubt, you are very accomplished. I — at least — have no doubts. Liked your twitter on your childish dressing. I know you want to read more adult non-fiction. Highly recommend 1776 by David McCullough. It’s a pretty quick read, but I think you will be fascinated by the descriptions of Boston back then. Also, I am reading a loooong work of fiction by A.S Byant — it is wonderful and I think you would really like it (it’s about an English writer of children’s literature): The Children’s Hour. It is wonderful — but will definitely bring your monthly total down substantially. I am off to Europe on Wed. Talk to you later. Love, Mama

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