Saturday Links

  • Tons of good information and resources about graphic novels at the new site Get Graphic from the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.  Great site design, too.  And Graphic Novel Reporter caught up with a few librarians about how graphic novels are used in their collections. (Hat tip Fuse #8.  And please click through there to see MT Anderson playing Twister.  Mesmerizing!)
  • Where to shelve the street lit?  Seems like someone’s asking this question at least once a month.  Which is a good thing – there’s no easy answer, and it depends on your community and collection.  Most of ours is in the adult section, but as the money allows I’ve been adding some to YA.  Our teens are certainly reading it!
  • Cool!  At first I thought that this was like the crank radios used in Africa, which can be used without a power source of any kind, but it looks like it does need batteries.  But still, opportunities for more access are always welcome.  Check out the blog of Literacy Bridge, the nonprofit group that created these talking books.
  • Jennifer Echols gives us a look into the evolution of an author web page.
  • Ms. Yingling talks about her ordering process, and how she keeps a particular reader in mind for every book she buys.
  • At Interesting Nonfiction for Kids, a great roundup of astronomy resources and books for celebrating the International Year of Astronomy.   Our summer reading program this year is space-themed, so I’ll definitely be coming back to this!
  • With the Rihanna and Chris Brown story in the news lately, we’re hearing more about teenage attitudes towards domestic violence.  And a lot of it is very disheartening.  YPulse shares some thoughts about how the hip hop community can work to prevent domestic violence, and includes a couple of great resources to share with teens.
  • This nifty site will provide an rss feed of new library materials coming into your local public library. Looks like it only supports a limited number of libraries right now – the Boston Public Library is not currently supported – but this may be one to keep an eye on. (Hat tip Lifehacker)
  • I recently enjoyed Don Wood’s graphic novel Into the Volcano.  On his website the author has posted some storyboards to let the reader inside his writing process.  (Hat tip Gail Gauthier)
  • The Harvard Book Store is providing green delivery by bicycle!  Looks like they won’t deliver to Dorchester – no big surprise – but still a very cool idea.  (Hat tip Oz and Ends)

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