Monday Links

  • Library Journal had a great article this month on how reading is changing and how libraries and other content providers can keep up with and adapt to those changes.
  • Are readers harder on female characters than male ones?  Justine Larbalestier thinks so.
  • Questionable Content takes on the YA novel.  That’s right, Jimbo has moved on from romance novels to “vampire steampunk young adult romance.”  If you tell me you wouldn’t read it, you’re clearly lying.  And also on the webcomics front, Jon from Garfield without Garfield provides a moment of library-related pathos.
  • Margo Lanagan reminds herself that not everybody loves her books.  Ouch.
  • Books with Flair is a new website that lets you know where you can buy signed kids and teens books from independant bookstores.  Perfect for the holidays!
  • Public libraries in Hayward are trying some interesting new circulation models based on Netflix.

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