January ’10 Reading Log


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4 thoughts on “January ’10 Reading Log

  1. I can not wait to read Last Night I Sang to the Monster, especially after reading your review. Although I’m not sure I’m ready to cry just yet. I also want to read Heist Society and the Good Girls’ Guide to Getting Kidnapped, looking forward to reading your thoughts on both.

    I’m very jealous of the books you read this month!

  2. Ari, I think you’re going to LOVE Last Night I Sang to the Monster. Although waiting until you’re in the right emotional place to read it is probably a good call! And Heist Society was super fun. I had more mixed feelings about The Good Girl’s Guide to getting Kidnapped – I hope I’ll find the time to address that one sometime soon.

  3. I’m sure many people say this upon reading your monthly reading lists–but wow! You read a lot, and with such variety! Very cool. Also so curious how A DIAMOND IN THE WINDOW got on there. I used to love the Jane Langton books in elementary school but hardly ever see them ref’d these days. Maybe they can become the new Betsy-Tacy–a resurgence!

  4. Thanks! I had a couple of friends highly recommend A Diamond in the Window, so it went straight onto my reading list. What a lovely story – I’m sure she deserves a resurgence.

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